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"The Luxury E-commerce Experience: What Can Small Businesses Learn From Brands Like Burberry and Gucci": By Gabriel Shaoolian

This article explains how luxury brands like Burberry, and Gucci have always thrived off of the in-store experience the customer gets while shopping, however, it is difficult for these business to offer the same type of experience online. These luxury retailers have aimed to solve this problem by differentiating their sites in a variety of ways. The article states that "this is done by an emphasis on brand storytelling, and keen attention to detail."

The main point the article is trying to make is in order for small businesses to be successful they need to be making efforts such as storytelling, attention to detail, and offering online customer service. This will ultimately help differentiate their sites from other competitors.

The value proposition of improving your company's website is it offers online elements to consumers that other …

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